24h Countdown

Two days before surgery.  The feeling I have now is that I just want the surgery to be done.  From the surgeon’s point of view the day before surgery is just a regular day.  I would have planned all the operations a week before so all that was left would be for me to show up.  As the patient it is a different story.  I am going through a checklist that my surgeon gave me in his surgical manual.  I know this sounds weird but there seems to be way more stuff to do as a patient than I thought there was.  I guess it was second nature to me after 3500 knee replacements but when you as a patient have only one there is a lot to do.

  1. Prescriptions: pain medications, blood thinner, nausea meds
  2. Antibacterial shower gel
  3. Make sure I have my walker, cane, elevation pillow, raised toilet seat, both/shower seat
  4. Foot pumps
  5. Ice packs in the freezer
  6. Practice incentive spirometer


I am picking up my wife, Emily, from the airport today.  I can’t even imagine the stress of surgery on her.  The caregiver shares in the pain and the process.  Fortunately this is time-limited until I get better.

Just got a text reminder to fill out preoperative patient-retorted outcomes scores.

These forms allow my surgeon to know how I am doing throughout the process.  They also allow for comparison to other patients.

I am managing a flurry of well-wishers on Facebook, Linkedin, and email and expect to get real busy today waiting for the surgery- not much else to do.





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