Friday- The Real World

Woke up on this fourth day after surgery feeling remarkably well.  Some generalized soreness but moved the knee to 103°.  How do I know?  There is an app for that (actually quite a few.  Measuring a joint is done with a goniometer.  I downloaded an app called Goniometer by Jinfra.  Works very easy.  I Here is my motion:


The big news today is that I advanced myself to a cane.  It just felt more natural than a walker and since I was doing some quadriceps exercises yesterday, my quadriceps strength is improving.  As per my preoperative physical therapy session I used the cane in my opposite hand and safely started walking.  I was so pumped I got my clothes on (regular clothes, BTW) got in the car (as a passenger) and went out into the real world.

Getting into the car was not hard.  I actually decided to sit in the back seat.  I went over to my friends business office and hung out for a couple of hours.  Had lunch, worked on the computer, made some phone calls.  Wow.  As I mentioned yesterday this kind of stuff tires you out after such major surgery and I had a two hour nap when I got home.

My only advice to patients is to understand that whatever discomfort or pain or fear you have in the first few days- all will subside in a short while.

My next post will be some musings and my summary about the pain.


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